What is URL rating - Definition

URL Rating (UR) is one of the SEO metrics used to determine the quality of the link profile for a given URL. The evaluation tool takes into account both internal and external links. The creators of the Ahrefs tool created this page-level metric indicator.

What is URL rating.
What is URL rating - Definition

You can check the indicator both for the main page and for each website's subpage. The URL rating has a significant influence on the domain authority. The tool creators ensure that this indicator is correlated with Google's ranking factors and reflects google rankings in organic search results.

 Example of how UR Rating is displyerd in Afrefs

How does it work?

The UR parameter takes values from 0 to 100. The lower the UR score indicated by Ahrefs, the worse the link profile for a given URL. A site with inbound links from external solid unique domains usually has a high UR score. The better the link profile quality, the closer the score to 100.

Uniform Resource Locator ranking has grate influence on overall domain rating. High-quality links and a great number of linking domains. will influence the entire domain and improve Google ranking, and thanks to that, search traffic to your website and the domain rating will be more substantial.