What is DNS - Definition

DNS ( Domain Name System ) - It service that main job is to translate domain names like: www.example.com to a unique IP address like: The protocol records, contained in the DNS service, associate the domain name with other forms of information. The DNS servers usually are used to map human-readable domain names and have been a key part of a worldwide network since 1985. The DNS records can be quickly updated, allowing a service's location on the network to change without affecting the end users, who continue to use the same hostname.

what is and what does the word DNS- domain name system DNS mean
What is DNS - Definition

How does the DNS server work?

  • The user types the address of a website in the browser, e.g. https://example.com
  • The browser sends a DNS query to the DNS server asking it to return the IP addresses for the selected example.com (domain's tld nameserver)
  • The DNS server in response returns the IP addresses of the server to which the indicated domain is assigned.
  • The browser connects to the server with the specified IP address requesting to display the page for the domain https://example.com

DNS lookup process can is divided into separate DNS queries a recursive DNS server acts on behalf of the end host (a laptop, server, etc.) to find the IP address of a domain name that is not authoritative and return this information to the requesting end host. An authoritative DNS server user types an address into a web browser, or an application calls out to a given name of a resource on the Internet.

What does a DNS record consist of and what types of records there is?

DNS data is: Name and subdomain, Type of the records, Time to Live, Priority, and Value - define the value of a specific record. The most important types of DNS records are:

  • A (Address) record 32-bit and 128 - bit
  • CNAME - Canonical Name
  • MX - Mail exchange record used to exchange and redirect email traffic.
  • NS - Name Server address of the DNS server
  • SOA - State of Authority - top level domain server
  • TXT - text record - often used to verify ownership of a domain in Google applications.