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Love the new Cluster setting on the app. Also starting to see results now...
Hello Guys, I am very grateful for Surfer Local, as my companies only climb the ranks after I started using Surfer Local, it helped me mainly with my category, description, and images. Thank you so much Surfer Local Team!!!
Yesterday I spent 15 minutes implementing the suggestions from the audit. I wanted to check the tool on the phrase for which I did not rank at all (>20 ). In one night, the position jumped by 15.6 pips!
So, the search term was "installation of air conditioning" and there is a cool green change after providing suggested improvements. Amazing tool!
Ranking improved by 19.5 positions in 1 day! Thanks to recommendations from Surfer Local.
It was a fantastic week. I optimized my GMB profile thanks to Surfer Local guidelines on May 28th. Today is June 2nd, and my average position has improved from 17.2 to 6.7. On many points, I jumped from position 20+ to position 3-5. I love it!

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The Google My Business audit is a great tool to make your company higher and higher, largely thanks to easy guidelines.


Less effort

Surfer Local is a local SEO software that lets you quickly tweak your Google business profiles.


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Audit your GMB profile and get the guidelines for improvement to outrank your competitors.



Monitor your position, checking the visibility of your company at various locations.

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Keep your audience engaged with optimized posts

Additional Categories

Find the right additional categories, fast.

Business Title

Boost your ranking and CTR with a descriptive, optimized business title.


Increase customer engagement thanks to the optimal number of reviews with engaging and positioning content.

Easy-To-Get Areas

Your competitors think they are good, but they only think. Find easy-to-get areas and surprise them all.

Competitors Weakness

Have you been able to find a company that does not have, for example, verified owner? You can solve it in many ways :)

Main Category

Get the best main category for a GMB profile in 1 second.

Business Description

The best way to make sure your business is optimal, engaging and creative.


Improve your company profile with the correct number of photos.

Business Positions

The most advanced & user-friendly your business and competitors tracking.

Share it!

You can share the position report or audit with your client at any time; they want to be aware of what's going on.

Increase visibility

A GMB audit will give you a competitive edge in the local SEO landscape.


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“Surfer Local allowed us to reduce the time spent on analyzing and optimizing GMB business profiles from 2 hours to 10 minutes. Thanks to the audit suggestions, we jumped from Top 15 to Top 3 in just seven days.”
Wojciech Budziak
“I have improved many GMB rankings for my clients.”
Rambabu Thapa
I love the direction the grids are going. Definitely stands out from the rest by connecting the audits and providing actionable steps
John Grattan
“Surfer Local is a tool that significantly improves the optimization of Google business cards. The tool shows you perfect what needs to be improved for the business card to produce better results.”
Damian Zając
“It took 10 days for my profile to jump from position 15-20 to 2-3. I would never have thought that as a business owner, all this was possible without any knowledge of the local SEO process beforehand!”
Jakub Kusiorski
“Surfer Local simplifies my everyday work with Google My Business services. Thanks to it, I increased efficiency and reduced the time to perform many basic and repetitive tasks.”
Paweł Cengiel

Work like a local SEO pro.

Surfer Local is like the brain of several local SEO experts combined. There’s no need to know all the local search ranking factors - our GMB audit does it for you. Perform analysis, implement suggestions, and boost your business’ position in a few clicks, saving time & money.


Check & track your position.

Don’t waste time on manually checking how it ranks. Find out the best keywords, easy-to-get local areas, and automatically follow Google positions of every company you run.

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Get optimization guidelines.

At Surfer Local, we focus on quality, speed, and simplicity, so you will get everything you need quickly. One-click is enough, and in as 10 seconds, you will receive guidelines for improving your local rankings, which would take you several hours to prepare manually.