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Once your business pops up on more sites, more people will know about it. Business Local Citations will help you get listed in the right business directories to get more customers and rank better on Google.
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What are business local citations

Get more people to discover you online 

Local citations mean any mentions of your company on the internet. What you can consider a local citation can be a mention about your company in business directories, like Yelp or TripAdvisor, or social media. Well-optimized citations can get you two things - help your customers discover your business and rank higher in Google's local rankings.
"Thanks to Surfer Local, we have grown to be one of the largest training academies in our target areas, having only launched a year ago. We continue to utilize the tool and improve our listings to remain on top."
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Why are local citation vital to your business?

Citations are one of the most important Google ranking factors
Google and other search engines consider the number of mentions of a site one of the key ranking factors that can take you to the top of the local search results. External links verify the credibility, validity, and trustworthiness of local businesses. When the exact same information about the company appears across the internet, it boosts Google’s confidence in your website. Learn more about local citation building
You get a better chance to be discovered by customers
Instead of typing a phrase in Google, your target group may look for a service using sites like Yelp or specific industry business directories, like They are often well-positioned in Google, and you would have a hard time breaking through with your business page. Instead of battling them, make sure they list your business.
Citations make your business look more trustworthy
Would you rather trust a business with information only on a branded website or one mentioned by several legit business directories? Customers tend to reach out to companies with proven credibility, ideally when previous consumers also rate them.
You get control over the information about your business
There’s a good chance your company is already present on some local business directories, even if you’re not the one who added it. And if you did not approve information in the listing, there may be some mistakes and incorrect data published there. Get control over your local business listings not to confuse your customers.
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Best practices for local citations

Okay, you know what local business directories you want your company to appear in. Now it’s time for the bottom line on how to do it.
Keep in mind the subject of a page
Do you own a dental clinic? Don’t try publishing anywhere you can - e.g., in a lawyers’ business directory. 
Add links to your online sites
Does your local business have a website or a Facebook or Instagram page? That’s a great place to paste the links to them. 
Don’t miss any business information 
Remember to add every business detail you can - company name, address and phone number, opening hours, and a short description.
Keep the data consistent and accurate
All the company details you post in business directories must be updated. You don’t want to confuse your customers. 

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