What Organic Traffic - Definition

Organic traffic (direct traffic or search traffic) - it's free website traffic associated with users who have come to a website through search results presented by search engines. Or via links available on other websites, direct entries (i.e., after typing the URL of a website), social media networks, email traffic. 

Free search results are only those that do not take the form of ads that are also in the search results. Paid results usually appear at the top of the search results list, above the natural/organic results, and are labeled as paid advertising. Those are not triggers for organic traffic - paid traffic relies on paid search ads.

what is organic traffic
What Organic Traffic - Definition

How to increase organic traffic to your website?

The best way of increasing organic traffic is to position your website or business card in Google search results. The best way to do it is by systematically executing a content marketing strategy. You can succeed by creating high-quality content, such as web pages or blog posts, that will be optimized for a relevant keyword and exactly match the user intent.

Organic search drives the vast majority of all web traffic and 40% of revenue and potential customers. That's why search engine optimization teams constantly strive to generate more traffic from search engines. Ranking on the first page for a keyword will always generate more organic traffic, and you will see an increase in organic visitors. Rank in the top 3 positions on search engine results pages or in a featured snippet for that keyword, and you will very likely see an exponential jump in traffic.

The use of analytics tools like google analytics and google search console will allow you to reflect on the results of your action, for example, when you target long-tail keywords or any other relevant keywords.