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The local second hand moves up 60 positions in the rankings

"Intuitive interface and simple and effective guidance. Surfer Local is the best I have found on the Polish market! "

The effect

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Intuitive interface and simple and effective guidance. Surfer Local is the best I have found on the Polish market!


Although we have little competition in our locality, being located in the suburbs of Krakow, we also target customers from the city living nearby or coming directly to our shop. 

We aimed to reach new customers, including those living closer to the city center, without a large advertising budget. The best way to do this was to achieve a high position in Google searches.


The biggest challenge was to find a way to outperform our competitors in more favorable locations in the rankings. When we decided to use the Surfer Local tool, we saw it was relatively easy.


Surfer Local showed us step-by-step what we needed to add or improve to achieve our goal. Thanks to the tool's suggestions, we set up the correct categories that allowed us to reach as many customers as possible and gain feedback.

When working on the visibility of our Google profile, the most crucial thing was adding information about us in various business directories and portals grouping local businesses. We were given a list of specific sites where we should appear. It took some time to do this, but it was worth it!

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Surfer Local's guidelines are precise, and once the Smart Tasks functionality is in place, we dedicate an hour a week to completing tasks. As a result, we enjoy a consistently high ranking on Google

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The result

The effect of the changes made and my actions exceeded my wildest expectations. Our shop was practically at the bottom of the ranking on the first day with Surfer Local. The next day we jumped 60 positions up. 

In the Surfer statistics, we look at how a high ranking translates into real customer contacts, and we notice a steady increase in the number of phone calls or designated routes to our location.

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