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How did I increase the visibility of my nutrition practice in 2 months?

Nutrition practice owner get detailed guidance on updating her business profile and significantly improves her Google visibility.

"With Surfer Local, I was able to significantly improve the online visibility of my business in a brief time. I really appreciate the detailed guidance on updating my business profile and what words to use in my posts. Very helpful tool!"

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My main goal was to increase the visibility of my business profile on Google and reach more customers who search online for the services I offer. 


Every day before work, I would type the word "dietician Lublin" into Google, and I didn't understand why my competitors were in the first, second, or third position and were very visible. At the same time, I couldn't find my Google business profile by typing the most crucial keyword for my practice. 

I was well aware that the visibility of my business profile on Google is crucial if I want to attract clients from the city of my dietetics practice. Still, I didn't know how I could increase its visibility. 

I had read quite a few articles on optimizing and managing your business profile on Google. Still, they sounded so general that they didn't add much or were written in specialized industry language. 


I finally came across the Surfer Local tool. First, I checked my practice's visibility in the free local rank checker which confirmed my fears - my business profile on Google is invisible. I immediately purchased a subscription and checked my visibility with a larger area on a map. 

After realizing there was no time to waste, I decided to get right to work. I created an audit of my practice at Surfer Local, which told me exactly what I needed to do to increase my business' visibility on Google. 

I optimized:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Main category
  • Additional categories

Later, I started publishing posts systematically according to the guidelines in Surfer Local. Now I plan to look into promoting my business by adding it to business directories wit the local business citations functionality. I started recently, but I'm already seeing amazing results from optimizing my business profile on Google with Surfer Local. 

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My nutritionist office has become incredibly visible, and I have recently become a leader in the area

As a result, I've noticed a lot of new calls from clients who want to lose weight, and I'm going to help them do it just like Surfer Local helped me!


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