What is WordPress - Definition

WordPress - is a free and one of the most popular worldwide web content management systems (CMS). The platform makes it easy to edit and update content and information on the website. WordPress is most often used to create and maintain websites and blogs. With additional plugins such as WooCommerce, developing a system to support an online store is also possible. Anyone can build a website, blog, or ecommerce site without advanced programming knowledge. WordPress websites can be developed entirely free.

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What is WordPress
What is WordPress - Definition
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WordPress overview

Install WordPress is free and easy. The only tricky part might be to set up a web server and hosting account. You can choose one of many WordPress themes to create your own website and add images, text, or modules. You are allowed to use a default theme or modify any WordPress theme to your needs. The WordPress community continuously develops the system from all over the world so that you can customize it according to your needs. It is open-source software.

Once you secure your custom domain name from the web hosting provider (you can use web hosts provided by WordPress), your WordPress website is ready to be set up. WordPress dashboard is user-friendly and full of ready-to-use solutions, such as a great Content Management System (CMS). Y can easily create various WordPress pages, such as a neat and user-friendly WordPress blog. WordPress software is open-source software.

Here are a few examples of WordPress plugins.

  • MonsterInsights - The plugin's purpose is to connect your website with Google Analytics. One of the most interesting features of the plugin is reports. With their help, you can catch essential information.
  • All in one SEO - SEO is an integral part of any website, store, or application. While running an online business, we strive to make our websites as popular as possible - fighting for the highest search engine positions. To make our service 'friendlier' in terms of SEO for search engines - we need to perform specific actions on this plugin to make it easy.
  • OptinMonster - provides blogs with ways to convert visitors into subscribers and customers more effectively than any other plugin on the market. This is essential because the success of any blog is closely tied to the conversion rate of visitors.
  • WP Rocket - its job is to speed up your WordPress site with just a few clicks without having to configure any advanced settings. WP Rocket optimizes and compresses your site's HTML, JS, CSS, and media files to reduce HTTP requests and load times. It also provides page caching, preloading, database optimization, and other features to speed up your site loading.