What is Rank Brain- Definition

RankBrain - is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google has been using since 2015 to display relevant search results for a search term. The query goes through an interpretation model that uses various factors like location, personalization, keyword analysis, and other variables to determine user intent and needs.

What is Rank Brain and how is help you?
What is Rank Brain- Definition

How Google Rank Brain works?

The algorithm constantly learns users' behavior, determines their location, remembers which keywords they search for, which pages they visit and how much time they spend on them. Thanks to advanced possibilities of query interpretation and data collected about users, the algorithm analyzes the entered phrase, predicts the searcher's intention and filters the sites to better match the results to the query of a particular internet user, making search engine deliver accurate results.

These are not always sites with the exact same question in the content - it is now more important that they provide a solution to the user's problem. Moreover, Rank Brain, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, is constantly evolving and adapting to user trends. Additionally, it is getting better and better at even displaying answers to queries that were previously not searched or are difficult to interpret.

Google rankbrain algorithm is the next level AI and machine learning system designed by Google do deliver search results that matches user satisfaction.