What is the Google Local Guides program - Definition

Google Local Guides - is a community created by Google in 2015 with the primary goal of improving Google Maps. The main activities of its members include sharing helpful reviews, sharing photos, adding or editing information about businesses, and checking facts on Google Maps, making them up to date. Google Local Guide member makes sure that the data posted by other google users on the map is correct, and by doing so, makes it easier for others to use local search.

What is the Google Local Guides program.
What is the Google Local Guides program - Definition

How does GLG program work on Google maps?

It is a point based system where for each activity, the member is rewarded with Google local guide points. 

How you can earn points.

What ale the Levels for Local Guide badge.

What you publish in Maps vs  Points earned

What ale the Levels for Local Guide badge.

Local Guides levels and badges

Benefits of being part of the Google Local Guide program

The Local Guide Community offers many benefits and real world rewards, such as the opportunity to test new properties or changes in advance and early access to Google features. The benefits also include invitations to events near the local guide's home and a greater authority within Google that helps in digital marketing and local SEO. Once you receive a certain level, you have the ability to edit local business information for local businesses. 

Need to be mentioned that being a part of a global community that helps people is very rewarding on its own.