What is geolocation - Definition

Geolocation is adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as geotagged photos or videos, MMS messages, SMS messages, QR Codes, and many more. It allows determining device location and grants you access to many very desirable features in today's world. Geolocation is used in many applications and tools that we use every day. You need GPS receivers, IP addresses, or IP geolocation data to source geographic location information. GPS tag contains two parameters longitude and latitude ex. (Paris 48.8566° N, 2.3522° E).

What is Geolocation
What is geolocation - Definition

IP geolocation

It is a different type of geolocation solution. User location is established thanks to the computer IP address. User's location via IP is less accurate and can be used to determine the country, city name, or postcode.

Example use of location information in digital marketing.

Geographical location information, once obtained, provides location data that it can use to target users in particular areas specifically.

  • Search results - for example, Google uses geolocation to provide more relevant search results. Through geolocation service, we have quick access to local news and weather information and can search for restaurants near us.
  • In advertisements - Geographic coordinates are also helpful in other Google services, such as Ads. We can set our ad to show in a specific area code, and thanks to this, we will reach a group of potential customers within this area. Furthermore, our ad will be displayed on web sites thematically corresponding to the selected user's position. All this makes our campaigns able to generate more revenue.
  • In navigation - Using the geographical location, you can find out the current position. Combined with maps, we can also very quickly move between selected places. All you need to do is enter a relevant address on a mobile device and set a route to it. As a result, we will receive the exact route and the necessary directions to get to the selected place.
  • Location sharing - thanks to the high accuracy of longitude and latitude, some web applications will allow you to share your location with friends or family and participate in online events and

Position data is a fantastic tool that allows us to search the Internet more efficiently, display local ads to users, and travel.