What is favicon - Definition

Favicon (short for favorite icon)  - It is a simple graphic element that helps users visually distinguish your website from other web pages. Favicon is an image file depicting the identity of a particular site. Modern browsers that provide favicon image support display a page's favicon in the browser's address bar and next to the page name in the bookmarks list. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically display the page favicon (shortcut icon) next to the page title in the tab. The first web browser that supported favicon image was Internet Explorer 5, released in March 1999 by Microsoft.

what is and what does the word favicon mean
What is favicon - Definition

How to create and add a favicon image?

The simplest way to create a favicon file is to use any graphics program, in which we will put a chosen graphic, image, or logo of our company in a square file format supported. It is worth noticing that not every graphic may be legible and readable in the case of such small icons. You should save the graphic file in *.ico format. There are many creators available on the internet, where you can quickly create an icon to fit your website without any problems. Among the most popular ones are

You should place the graphic file with the favicon.ico extension in the root directory. Most browsers have no problem finding this graphic. This is one of the easiest ways recommended for less technical website owners. For people who know the basics of HTML code, it will not be a problem to add the appropriate code snippet in the < head > section. The code must contain the type and path to the previously uploaded graphic file.