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We know that manually developing your business's online visibility isn't easy or fast. That's why we created Surfer Local, a tool that lets you quickly and easily increase your business's visibility on Google and reach hundreds or thousands of new customers in your area who are looking for your products or services. Check out what Surfer Local has to offer.
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Business visibility checker

Free Business Visibility Checker is a handy tool that lets you know in seconds how visible your business is on the internet to customers in your area who are searching for the products or services you offer. Enter your company name keyword and check your business's visibility on Google!
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Google business profile
audit and guidelines

You are no more wondering what to do to increase the visibility of your business on Google. You don't have to think about what your competitors are doing that makes them rank higher than you. All you have to do is implement the audit guidelines from Surfer Local, and that's it. Remember that SEO is a long-term effect and takes time. Additionally, the guidelines change at least once a month. Don't miss out on new guidelines to keep your business at the top of the rankings.
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google business profile audit - gmb audit

Automatic tracking
of business visibility

Please don't spend any more time thinking about how visible your business is in the local Google business rankings, and don't write that data down on a piece of paper or try to remember it in your head. Surfer Local will do all that for you - automatically. You just at your leisure will be able to visit Surfer Local and see how your business is now visible on Google and check historical reports. Simple, right?
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local rank tracker

Poster to solicit
reviews on Google

We're sure you've asked yourself more than once how to easily and quickly get reviews on Google for your business profile to increase your business visibility and trust. With help comes a review solicitation poster from Surfer Local. It's an incredibly simple and effective solution that will work for almost any business. Create a poster in 30 seconds, generate and hang it on doors, add to menus, send to customers.... the possibilities are endless.
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