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Local Rank Tracker - track the visibility of your business

Thanks to Surfer Local, you no longer have to check the position of companies in local rankings manually. Keep track local rankings in the local results and react quickly to position changes!

Track your GMB profile and get more customers by paying less than Facebook and Google Ads!

Get Sample Local Ranking!

The local search rank checker is all you need to make sure that your company's Google My Business profile can rank higher in the area! Turn on the grid and improve your local search rankings.


Less effort

Surfer Local is a local SEO software that allows you to quickly adapt GMB profiles to local search results.


Better results

Audit your GMB profile and get the guidelines for improvement to outrank your competitors.



Monitor your position, checking the visibility of your company at various locations.

Rank tracking in local searches

Track the positions of each company you manage.

It is crucial to verify the effectiveness of your activities in local search. Everyone wants to know if the actions taken are paying off. Thanks to local rank tracking, you can quickly check whether your SEO strategy and campaign make sense (or actions your SEO agency).

It is suitable for competitor tracking too.

Start using without risk

Hey Surfer, show me the easy-to-get areas!

The person talks about your position, the ring around him talks about the possible place in that region! Do you have a red person and a green circle around the person? If yes, you can increase your ranking here and leave the competition far behind! You can quickly filter the results thanks to the function on the left.

Manually you can do it a few days, at Surfer Local a few seconds.

keyword ideas

Find out the best keyword for your local pack rankings.

Is not a joke! Before you even start your grid analysis, our professional tool will give you information on how popular this keyword is.

It's not everything! You will also find out if there are any other similar local keywords, which can be is more popular and more searched! Thanks to that, you will know which keyword you should be tracking in the local packs.

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Ready Action Plan

No need to know local SEO

To raise a position in a given region, check the audit and get guidelines for multiple locations. In it, you'll find the tips which help you to make increasing your business visibility in the region more effortless than ever.

Local search engine optimization is easy now!


Revolution in the grids territory for position analysis.


Quick Improvements

The Local rank checker tells you in which part of the city you can be at the top! This way, you will know where you can improve your local rankings before you even start working.

Prepared Action Plan

You can create an action plan for all pins and see what you should do to be visible everywhere you can! After we get the local search results, we use our unique algorithm, which creates practical guidelines to improve your business ranking.

Accurate Ranking Data

We deliver the most accurate local Google search results! Turn on our local keyword rank checker and see for yourself.

Blazingly Fast

And all this in just a few seconds! Jump into the grid, enter a keyword, turn on the local SERP checker and check your local search rankings reports in the city! Most a simple & powerful tool for improving your organic local ranking. Check local SEO rankings in Google Maps quickly with Surfer Local.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Surfer Local have Local Rank Tracking?

Yes! We have keyword tracking. You can quickly check how your Google Maps rankings have changed in search engines per day, week, or month. Start using our local rank tracker tool right now.

Why is your local rank tracker better than others?

Because our grid is a breakthrough of all the local rank checkers. Thanks to our rank checker, you can see your rankings, visibility score, and local SEO score health thanks to grids audits.

Do you have a keyword analysis tool and their monthly search volume?

Of course! Before you turn on the rank tracker and check your local rankings, you can see how many searches there are for the keywords you want to analyze. That allows you to create the perfect group of keywords that fit your business and are frequently searching by users.

Can I share the position ranking reports with my clients?

Yes. You can share rank positions for your clients. Also, you can share location audits.

Can I checking and tracking rankings for service area businesses (SAB)?

Of course. Thanks to Surfer Local, you can track your service area business profile position on the local pack in Google local results.

Let Customers Find Your Business. Just Like Them:

“Surfer Local allowed us to reduce the time spent on analyzing and optimizing GMB business profiles from 2 hours to 10 minutes. Thanks to the audit suggestions, we jumped from Top 15 to Top 3 in just seven days.”
Wojciech Budziak
“I have improved many GMB rankings for my clients.”
Rambabu Thapa
I love the direction the grids are going. Definitely stands out from the rest by connecting the audits and providing actionable steps
John Grattan
“Surfer Local is a tool that significantly improves the optimization of Google business cards. The tool shows you perfect what needs to be improved for the business card to produce better results.”
Damian Zając
“It took 10 days for my profile to jump from position 15-20 to 2-3. I would never have thought that as a business owner, all this was possible without any knowledge of the local SEO process beforehand!”
Jakub Kusiorski
“Surfer Local simplifies my everyday work with Google My Business services. Thanks to it, I increased efficiency and reduced the time to perform many basic and repetitive tasks.”
Paweł Cengiel