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Love the new Cluster setting on the app. Also starting to see results now...
Hello Guys, I am very grateful for Surfer Local, as my companies only climb the ranks after I started using Surfer Local, it helped me mainly with my category, description, and images. Thank you so much Surfer Local Team!!!
Yesterday I spent 15 minutes implementing the suggestions from the audit. I wanted to check the tool on the phrase for which I did not rank at all (>20 ). In one night, the position jumped by 15.6 pips!
So, the search term was "installation of air conditioning" and there is a cool green change after providing suggested improvements. Amazing tool!
Ranking improved by 19.5 positions in 1 day! Thanks to recommendations from Surfer Local.
It was a fantastic week. I optimized my GMB profile thanks to Surfer Local guidelines on May 28th. Today is June 2nd, and my average position has improved from 17.2 to 6.7. On many points, I jumped from position 20+ to position 3-5. I love it!