Local SEO Checklist for Google Business Listing

The local SEO checklist helps boost your local SEO campaigns to get more traffic to your site and in your stores. You may simply download the following list to set up your account and help improve the local SEO for your busines...
Local SEO Checklist for Google Business Listing

The local SEO checklist helps boost your local SEO campaigns to get more traffic to your site and stores. You may simply download the following list to set up your account and help improve the local SEO for your business.

Google Business listing

(Some of the elements listed below may not be available on your Google business profile. Unfortunately, not every type of business has access to all features.)

1. Is your business title accurate?

Make sure that the title of your business on your Google My Business profile matches the one on your website, Facebook business profile, industry listings, etc. 

2. Did you add the correct main category?

Try to add a main category that best fits what your business does. If you are a dentist, set the main category as a dentist

3. Have you added relevant secondary categories?

If you offer various services or products, you can also add additional categories like teeth whitening, implants, or choose other relevant keywords. Only include those that 100% match your business and the products/services.

4. Did you add the correct phone number?

Be sure to verify this, as many people prefer to call the company, and this may be the only form of contact they accept. 

5. Have you added your business address correctly?

You probably don't want customers who want to come to you to wander around looking for your location. Make sure to add the address unless you have a business that operates in a specific area and you don't want customers to see it. If so, delete it. :) 

6. Have you added the service area where your company operates? 

Your company offers its services to customers within a certain distance from your location? Let them know by completing the service area section with the streets or cities where you support your local customers.

7. Have you added your most recent opening hours?

Be sure to verify that you have correctly added your opening hours. If yes, you can rest easy. :) If not, be sure to update them.

Tip: You can also add different opening hours for holidays.

8. Have you correctly added your website address?

Make sure you have a website in your Google profile, and it's opening correctly. If you don't have a website, you can add a link to your Facebook profile or create a free website in your Google My Business panel.

9. Did you turn on the ability to send messages to your business

More and more people prefer to write than call companies, and this feature has become very popular. Make sure you have enabled business messaging in your Google My Business panel, and users can contact you this way. ‍

10. Have you set the right attributes?

Ensure you have added the right attributes to your Google business profile and removed those that don't match. 

11. Have you filled the services section?

Users want to see what your business offers before they contact you. Ensure you have appropriately completed the "services" section of your Google My Business profile. 

12. Did you complete the products section?

Let users quickly find out what products your business offers, what they look like, and how much they cost. Include a link to your website where they can buy it. Google also provides a program that automatically adds your entire product inventory to this section. 

13. Have you added a business description?

Let users learn more about your business by adding a short description about it in your business profile on Google.

14. Are you publishing posts?

Try to keep your users updated with news, offers, or events. Our advice - try to publish one entry per week. 

15. Have you added photos of your business? 

Let customers see the surroundings of your company, who works there, what it looks like inside, etc. Photos are essential, so do not hesitate to publish them. Never leave your profile without photos.

16. Does your business have customer reviews?

Reviews about a company are one of the most crucial local SEO ranking factors - customers heavily rely on them to decide whether to contact a company or not.

Try to get a minimum of several reviews from customers. Encourage them to write what they liked about your service.

Your website

1. Do you have the correct company information added to the footer of your website?

The footer is one of the critical elements of any website. Make sure you include company information at the bottom of your page.

2. Do you have contact information in your website footer?

Make sure you added information such as phone number and email address to the footer of your website.

3. Does your website have a contact subpage in the menu?

Contact page is crucial for your company website. Make sure customers can find this page easily. 

4. Do you inform customers on your website about your company's opening hours?

Adding this information to your website is just as important as adding it to your Google business profile. 

5. Are you using the same (or a similar) business name that you have added in your Google My Business profile?

Consistency of data is essential. Try to use the same business name on your site as the one you have added to your Google My Business profile.

6. Is there a Google map added to your page with the location of your business?

That element connects your website to your business profile on Google. Try to add an interactive map with a pin of your company's location to your website.

You can generate it by clicking the Share button in your company's Google Maps profile and then Embed a map. Then, place the code on your website.  

7. Do you have Local Business Schema added to your website?

Local Business Schema is a structured data markup code that you can add to your business website to help search engines identify the type of organization and what you do. That's a helpful way to help optimize your site for local SEO.

8. Does each service your company offers have a dedicated subpage?

If you offer several services, try to ensure that each service has a separate subpage, e.g.,,, and so on. 

9. Do you have links to your social media profiles in the footer of your website?

If you have a company profile on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media channel, be sure to include a link to that channel in the footer of your website. 

10. Is the page load speed adequate?

Page load speed is essential for your website's ranking and user experience. Make sure your website loads as fast as possible for users - ideally in no more than 3 seconds. 

External factors (beyond your website and Google My Business profile)

1. Is there any information about your business on local sites?

If there are any local directories or forums where local businesses are featured, try to make sure your customers can find your business there as well. 

2. Is your company mentioned in the industry catalogs?

Surely you know of more than one industry site that displays companies similar to yours. If your company is not listed there, try to add it. 

3. Have you created and maintained social media profiles for your company?

If not, consider this method of advertising. You should maintain at least one social media profile on the most suitable platform for your business. 

4. Is your company information listed on popular national business directories

Try to find some of the most popular national directories of companies and publish information about your company there. 


Now, all you need to do is go through your Google business profile, website, and the external factors, and make sure you check all the boxes.

All the tips listed in our Local SEO Checklist create a perfect local search engine optimization strategy, that will help you climb to the top of local search results.

Good luck!