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> Post on one of the local SEO groups how Surfer Local helped you position your company, attaching a screenshot of your results.

How to get 20 free credits in 1 minute?

Find the Local SEO group 🏄

Go to one of the facebook groups about local SEO

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Share how you increase your ranking with Surfer Local

Write a post on one of the local SEO groups that will showcase some wins Surfer Local helped you get (traffic increase, jumps in Local Pack, and so on). Make sure to attach some kind of proof. Surfer Local grid showing before and after results or statistics from GMB screenshots are the best!
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Send a message to us via app chat

After publishing the post, write to us via the chat in the Surfer Local app, sending us the link to it. You will receive +20 credits from us on the same day.
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Enjoy free 20 credits

And create fantastic reports and audits to verify your company's position and quickly increase its visibility in easy-to-reach areas!
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Important information

- Credits are added once
- Their validity does not expire - you can use them whenever you want
- Credits will only be charged when you have used up all the credits in the subscription package for the month.
- The action lasts until the end of June
- Anyone who has an active package in Surfer Local can take advantage of the action
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